How to join the Dgg Rust server

Step 1 - Sign in

You still need to sign in on

Fix by signing in

Step 2 - Connect to Steam

You still need to connect your Steam account to your account.

Fix by connecting Steam account

Step 3 (Optional) - Subscribe for priority access

Non-subscribers can't join a wipe until 24 hours after it begins. Subscribers can join anytime.

You still need to subscribe to Destiny on


You still need to connect your Twitch account and subscribe to Destiny on Twitch.

Fix by subscribing on Destiny.ggFix by connecting Twitch account

Step 4 - Ready to play!

Simply search for "DestinyGG" in the server browser and connect.


Start the game, press F1 to bring up the console, then type client.connect and press Enter.

Launch Rust and connect Read the server information and rules