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Daniel | Three Arrows Aydin Paladin 🍸 june 🎀 Dinesh D'Souza You're talking to a high school dropout who's financial succe……
What happens in conservative bathrooms? Are people just getting raped in there non-stop or what? Does your daughter……
A huge thing for online conservatards is the child porn thing. Look at the whole pizzagate shit. The ironic part is……… AHAHAHAHHA Remember all those reddit threads that champion women being rehabilitated for t……


Destiny Emote Submission Spot: Week 1
By Remixxing
Destiny Business Card Design Submission
By superganjasaiyan
Comic Author is an adamant Destiny follower
By synchronousfailure
Trump asked if he believes the FBI, or he believes Putin, as to whether Russia fucked around in the election. He said he trusts Putin.
By Deltaboiz