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The Prodigal Son Returns

Destiny's first livestream after returning from his trip to Israel.

In Person

Bridges Podcast w/ Mr. Beat

Matthew Alan "Matt" Beat, better known online as Mr. Beat, is an American YouTuber, musician, and former social studies teacher known for his videos discussing history, geography, economics and politics.

In Person

Bridges Podcast w/ Aella

Aella is an American writer, blogger and sex worker who, as described by David Auerbach, "has written extensively about the psychology and economics of online sex work, conducting extensive surveys and research in order to lay out the ecosystem of online sex workers."

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About Destiny

Who am I?

Steven Bonnell II, commonly known as Destiny, is a prominent figure in the online gaming and political commentary sphere. Renowned for his incisive debates and unfiltered opinions, Destiny has cultivated a large following on platforms like Kick and YouTube. With a background in professional gaming, he transitioned to political discourse, often engaging in discussions on controversial topics with a focus on logic and reason. His blend of gaming, politics, and sharp rhetoric has made him a polarizing yet influential figure in digital media.