Terms & Conditions


When you are signed in, a cookie is used to track who you are; it contains a simple unique string used to identify your requests.

If a 3rd person gets a hold of this cookie, they can gain access to your account. It is as secure as your browser is.

Local Storage

We use local storage to hold data that we deem low security.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is recorded with your chat messages for a time period; it is accessible to admins of the website.

Use of Google User Data

You have the option of signing up for Destiny.gg with your Google account. As part of the sign up process, Destiny.gg will obtain data from Google that allows it to uniquely identify you. This includes your Google account's primary email address, and a unique identifier for the account generated by Google. This data is used to link you to your Destiny.gg account and allows for future sign ins so long as you have access to your Google account.

In order to synchronize your membership to the broadcaster's (Destiny's) YouTube channel, you must sign in with your YouTube account from your Destiny.gg profile page to grant read-only access to your YouTube account. Destiny.gg only uses this access to obtain the names and unique identifiers of any YouTube channels you own.

To enable YouTube membership syncing, the broadcaster must grant Destiny.gg access to their YouTube channel's membership-related data. This is done by signing in to their YouTube account from a page only accessible to administrators. With this access, Destiny.gg obtains the membership levels available for their channel, and the channel IDs and membership details of current members. Additionally, signing in on this page allows Destiny.gg to continuously update various widgets on the homepage with the channel's recent video uploads and livestreams.

The data referenced above is stored in a database on a secure server only accessible to administrators. It will never be shared with a third party.

Account Deletion

You can request account removal via your profile. We will action this within 30 days of your submission.

Your private messages, even when deleted via your profile, are not removed from the recipients inbox (but usernames are obfuscated).

Data Access

Any user may request a full output of their data at any point. An admin will provide these details within a reasonable amount of time.

User Agreement

You must not attempt to gain access to data or user accounts that are not yours.

You must not create user profiles using automated code.

Rights Reserved

We may change these and others rules on the website.

We may block or delete your account when appropriate.

We may or may not issue refunds on subscriptions or donations.

We may or may not respond to questions and or bug reports regarding this website, within whatever time frame we can afford.

Last updated on February 6, 2023, 6:28AM UTC.